Personalized Membership Card

Date: 14 Jan 2020

The time has finally come!
The story of the "Customer Journey" continues, and today we present you with the personalized membership cards!

Every active member of Robotics Online will receive these cards, worldwide.
We have been talking to many companies for the past few weeks and months—we finally have designed the shipping process so that nothing stands in the way of worldwide shipping.
Whether Europe, America, Asia, or Australia - you will receive your metal membership card - free of charge!
At first, the delivery will start in Germany and Europe. After a few months, we will ship worldwide.

In addition to your full name, each card also contains your user name and your membership number.

Your username is directly linked to the QR code on the back of the card.

That means that scanning this code causes a direct redirection to our website and your user name is automatically stored when someone registers.
So you have the chance to share your code with your friends so that they can participate in Robotics Online.
We are looking forward to the completion and can't wait to send you the first cards!

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