Visualization of our official Robotics Online Box

Date: 27 Nov 2019

In our last post, we told you something about the "customer journey," how you interact with, and experience our brand and company.

Today we continue this topic.

We proudly present the official box in which all membership cards are delivered.

What catches the eye first is fine linen cover in a cardinal red on the inside and outside.
These colors present the current company colors but don't look too strong.

The box itself is a high-quality, dimensionally stable, and sustainable folding box, which has a magnetic closure.

The inner insert is made of high-quality foam and, as you may have already seen, not only offers space for our membership card.

We have placed the Robotics Online Logo centrally as blind embossing. Below you will find our company name and, at the same time, the address to our website.

This lettering is a hot foil stamping in shiny silver and rounds off the design of our boxes.
We are proud of this design and look forward to telling you more about the content of these boxes soon.

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