Let your friends participate

With the help of our sophisticated affiliate program, you can make quick, easy and completely risk-free profits. Tell your friends and acquaintances about your experience with Robotics.Online - for each active user you recruit, you will receive attractive referral commissions, depending on the invested amount of that person.

Sounds good?

Just add your personal referral link (Login> Affiliate Program) or give your friends your Robotics.Online username. Your friends can then enter your username when they register.

The affiliate program is structured in three levels and works according to the PPS principle (Pay per sale). This means that you will receive a commission once one of your recruited users invests on our platform. The three levels differ in the percentage of commission you earn. You will receive the following amounts from the investments your referral makes: At the first level, you will receive a commission of 5% of the invested sum, at the second level 3% and on the third level 1%.

First level 5% commission.

Second level 3% comission.

Third level 1% comission.

An example?

So far so good. However, what opportunities are there to advertise?

You will find a package with various advertising materials for free use in our download area under the "Affiliate Program" tab. Also created by you Images and graphics may be used for your blog, forum, or profile picture. So that nothing can go wrong, a few more hints and examples, like these Optimal use of materials:

Post one of our advertising banners with direct link to your Facebook page.

Add one of our banners or gifs to your blog's page.

Advertising on a landing page (also possible with direct redirection).

Take advantage of e-mail, influencer, or flyer marketing.

Post our direct links in chats and public / closed groups.

Also allowed is Advertising / Paid traffic on your own blog, provided Ratings, banners or direct links from Robotics.Online are built in.

Please note that a direct connection to our domain / s in (paid) Advertising, as well as brand bidding on the own-brand, are not allowed.

Our help for you:

You will get the possibility to submit a video review!
All submitted videos are scored and published by us. The best videos are right up there and can be downloaded in a matter of seconds Find video page

Your advantages:

For a submitted video you will receive $ 50 free credit for your Robotics.Online account.

You receive more trust from your current referrals.

You have the chance to win regular prize money.

Your video including your username will be posted on our site.

Our affiliate program is designed to advertise in the following ways:

Currently, we offer only PPS (Pay per Sale) as a compensation method for our affiliate program.

However, we are working on our system right now to give you more options very soon.
In the future, we are planning to implement the following compensation methods:

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPV (Pay Per View)

PPSU (Pay Per SignUp)

PPL (Pay per Link)

Once our app is fully developed, we also plan to allow our partners to earn with PPI (Pay per Install).

That's not enough? Then follow our news to see current sweepstakes Not to miss prize money profit.